The live-tracking system is an integral part to our modusoperandi. Gone are the days when one had only faint ideas about the in-transit cargo movements of vehicles, such as current location, driver behavior, status of cargo, let alone the possible embezzlement. Today with the live-tracking system, one can fetch several information such as the current position of the vehicle, performance of the driver, details of the route taken and much more. We, at Camelport, understand the needs of our customers and take our business very seriously.

Here is an understanding of what the live-tracking system brings to you –

  1. Route Optimization – Live-tracking system helps you to keep track of the route taken by the driver ahead. In the process, we enable you to monitor the movement of the vehicle that carries your cargo, to check if there is any inconsistency with regards to the itinerary. Moreover, it also helps the driver to determine a route with least traffic. This enables him to avoid possible delays due to unavoidable circumstances.
  2. Real-time Monitoring – You will be able to keep close watch over the behavior of the driver. In case if he attempts to take advantage of the situation, you will be able to, immediately, find it out. Another possibility is that the vehicle may break down in the middle of transit. With the live-tracking system, you will be able to address the issue head on right then.
  3. Reduce cost – The live-tracking system has another beneficial aspect to itself. It checks undue expenditure, thereby reducing the overall cost. As you become equipped to monitor the behavior of the driver who is transiting your cargo, in turn it automatically enables you to constantly check other important aspects of the scenario such as, long halts due to traffic, reckless driving, and usage of the fuel by the driver for personal gains. This keeps fuel wastage under constant check.
  4. Safety of Cargo – Real-time monitoring of the transit keeps you updated about the condition of your cargo. Any instance of irresponsible driving such as, hard breaking or rough driving that may damage your goods, is traceable. Another very important thing is that with the live-tracking, you will be able to track your vehicle down in case it gets stolen.
  5. Improvement in Customer Service – Finally and most importantly, the system helps us to serve our customers satisfyingly. Since it lets us keep tabs of the current location of the vehicle, we can determine the probable time as to when may the vehicle reach the customer. It simply reduces the response time taken to answer customer queries.

The live-tracking system is very useful to our daily working. With multiple benefits that comes with it, we can help ourselves to serve you with more efficiency and accuracy.