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Incorporated in
January 2017

Camelport began business by providing technology driven transportation services for shipping containers from Nhava Sheva and Hazira port and moved over 200 TeU's in the first month.

Commercial Launch in
April 2017

Camelport commercially launched the transportation service across India. By now the transporter network was 3000 members strong and we were moving over 500 TeU's m-o-m.

Preferred Transportation Solution
November 2017

By November 2017, Camelport became a preferred transportation solution amongst Shippers and Forwarders. We were moving 1000 TeU's monthly across major ports in India with a team size of 25 people.

Camelport X Pre-launch
March 2018

Camelport announces Camelport X at the CTL and BHP, 2017 and opens the pre-registration window for shippers, forwarders, custom agents and liners. Camelport X will now offer an end to end solution for moving containers across sea, road and rail.

  • Sea Freight

    Camelport now offers sea freight between most ports across the world. Now benefit by booking Camelport negotiated rates or get quotes from liners and forwarders having expertise in the port pair you trade in. You can also plan your end to end shipment so you know what to expect from a specific route.

  • Road Transportation

    Camelport pioneered with road transportation and now enables shippers across India to move containers at a click of a button. We now have a network of over 24,000 transporters at virtually every port and ICD in India. We'll soon roll out transportation services in other countries as well.

  • Customs Clearance

    Camelport offers custom clearance services through a network of Custom House Agents across the world. Impaneled agents have a proven track record and follow industries best practices to ensure the clearance of cargo happens in a smooth manner. At present, Camelport can provide custom clearance services in over 70 port cities across the world. What more, every process at Camelport is driven by technology hence you get complete visibility.

One Window Solution

Now experience a truly one window solution for moving shipping containers across the world in a matter of a few clicks.

Driven by Robust Technology

Herb is driven by some of the best technologies in the world to enable you move containers more efficiently. You have to try it to believe it.

100 Years of Combined Experience

We rely on technology as much as we do on people. When you work with Camelport you work with a team having over 100 years of combined experience in moving shipping containers wherever it be, across the world.

Trusted by over 322 shippers  at over 14 ports

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