Using data to power the Camelport Quoting Engine

Using data to power the Camelport Quoting Engine

The surface logistics sector in India has been fairly reluctant to change and as a result hasn’t evolved with time. When we started off, we had trouble explaining something as basic as a tracking module to track trucks in real-time. However, we didn’t stop. We learnt from truckers and built a platform that generated reports essential to making informed decisions all packed in a user friendly interface. Today we have over 200 transporters who benefit from this each day.

It was then we started to build technology after carefully learning from the users and provide them with what they need however, they just don’t know how to get it.

One of our biggest developments so far is an on-demand quoting engine that now allows shippers to instantly generate freight quotes and schedule shipments. This is brilliant especially because we are now able to account for major cost inputs in the trucking industry without any manual intervention. This is also brilliant because you as a shipper get the best rate in the market rather than a mere approximation.

Data has now become the core component of our developments. Our quoting engine is built to account for as many as 12 factors that influence costs. Apart from this, it also validates current rates in the market to account for any sudden price movement not already a part of these 12 factors. It is amazing to have accomplished this in a sector that still lacks tech penetration and easy availability of data. 

We are working to bring our learnings available to the public in the form of an index that will effectively allow the stakeholders of this industry to better understand fluctuations in freight costs. Apart from this, we will also be launching our API to facilitate integration with enterprise ERP solutions very soon.

Importers and exporters from India or to India can now request access to the platform by simply writing to


About Camelport Logistics

We are attempting to revolutionise the billion dollar surface cargo industry in India, which is the backbone of supply chain, by automating sales.

We have implemented technology that allows truckers to manage contracts, their quotations and sales process, from their own secure accounts. Our platform lets freight carriers integrate with a customer ­facing eCommerce solution on a reliable and toddler friendly website, so shippers can generate instant quotes, book transit insurance and streamline their logistics needs.

Along with a composite solution to all sales woes, Camelport provides the carriers with a multifaceted vehicle tracking solution, basically handing them a remote ­control to monitor their entire fleet.

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