The most intelligent Self Driving Trailer.
April Fools Day Prank (2017).

Technical Specifications

01 Power

240 HP @ 3000 RPM

02 Torque

1000 Nm @ 2200 - 2500 rpm

03 Tyres

10.00 x 20 - 16 PR Nylon; Radial Tyres Optional.

04 Nano Sensors

Harnessing the power nano sensors to detect moving objects in real world at a speed equivalent to human mind.

05 Bluetooth Low Energy

Using Bluetooth low energy to increase the accuracy of object detection field area. Our sensors are +-2 mm accurate. Probably better than human drivers.

06 Lowest Transit Times

Move goods at the fastest speed ever. Our self driving trailers can cover a distance from Mumbai to Delhi in less than 48 Hours.


  • Adani Logistics Limited
  • Chinubhai Kalidass & Bros
  • Anthea Aromatics Private Limited
  • MGH Group
  • Sarjak Container Lines
  • OOCL Lines
  • Sharp Logistics Private Limited
  • Filatex India Limited
  • Bhilosa Industries Private Limited
  • Crown Chemicals Private Limited
  • India Steel Works Limited
  • Sumo Industries

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