An outlook and the story behind Camelport.

An outlook and the story behind Camelport.

“Every evening when I’m driving back home, I catch some heavy traffic. I see these monstrosities called HCVs switching lanes like they are go karting; their drivers breaking all the rules and not conforming to any safety standards. Of course, they are ugly too, from low maintenance and care, but mostly due to a general lack of concern: all in all, a general lack of respect for their own profession.

After some research, I found that there are a million reasons that can be cited for this carelessness, so I’m going to state a few here: There is no motivation for truckers to toe the line.

Inter-state logistics is probably the most disorganized sector in our country’s economy. More than 90% of truckers own a fleet of less than 5 vehicles resulting in extreme inefficiency.

Then, there is the presence of middlemen, such as brokers and commission agents, who demand their cut from both – the shippers: for providing them trucks, and the truckers: for provide them business, thereby resulting in wafer thin margins, and ultimately a lack of incentive for the truckers to provide services with any decent standards.

It was after discovering the status quo, that we decided to take on the mantle and tackle these hurdles head on by streamlining the logistics needs of businesses and bring about the concept of ‘uberification’ in this unchartered industry.

The company has already raised a seed capital of $100,000 from a private investment firm that wishes to remain anonymous.

Currently, Camelport has an arsenal of 20 aggressive individuals ‘riding the caravan’, who are working day and night to make their vision a reality. They have started surface logistics services within the state of Maharashtra as well as for outbound consignments. Camelport’s ultimate goal is to provide door-to-door services to their users facilitating multi-modal transport via a handy online portal, personalized as per the shipper’s needs so that they can have a seamless logistics experience.

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